What You Will Learn on Your AAT Levels II and III Certification Exams?

The AAT (Anti-Aging) Test Level 2 examination is a nationally recognized examination that tests an individual’s ability to understand and handle aging. As a certified public accountant, or CPA, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible to take the test. This includes taking and passing the test on level 2 (basically covering the most basic financial accounting concepts). There are four parts to the test and each section is divided up into two distinct sections. You will need to pass both sections in order to successfully complete the entire test.


Part one of the AAT test includes topics that pertain to general business management check here, Auditing, Reporting, and Interpreting Financial Statements. These concepts are necessary to build a solid understanding as to what makes an accountant successful. In part two of the exam, you will need to demonstrate how your skills from part one apply to financial statements and reporting. To this end, the second section will cover Auditing Concepts, Auditing Processes, and Auditing Procedures. Along with this you will also need to take a written final exam that assesses your learning and application skills as well as your knowledge in applying concepts to different situations.


Once you have completed the initial aat qualification, or foundation course, you will be required to take the core examination. This is also conducted on levels 2 and will cover topics such as business finance, corporate law and taxation. It is not a requirement that you take the core examination before taking the foundation course, however it is recommended that you do so because it gives you a much more thorough understanding of what to expect when you decide to pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The foundation portion is designed to give you the necessary skills to learn the core concepts of accountancy; therefore, a strong foundation is recommended.


The third part of the examination involves answering multiple-choice questions about the different aspects of being an accountant, as well as basic accounting procedures. With this part of the examination, you will need to apply the knowledge you have gained throughout the foundation course. Some at level 2 qualifications include the ability to answer complex questionnaires and to describe various accounting subjects in simple language. These questions are designed to test your ability to understand the different concepts that are part of CPA practice. Answers to these types of questions to determine your salary expectations.


Your fourth and final step is the core certification exam, which is conducted on levels 2 and focuses on the core concepts and skills associated with CPA practice. The exam is designed to test your ability to enter accounting transactions, process them, and successfully complete them. This section will test your fundamental knowledge of how to work effectively with a payroll function within an organization. It will also assess your ability to communicate your findings to senior management, and it will include a review of all of the accounts payable data that you have completed in the past.


If you successfully completed all four steps in the aat level 2 foundation certificate, you will earn your a certificate. The certificate will be good for two years. At this point, you can apply for CPA registration by taking the full CPA Exam online. The online study program allows you to take the exam when it is most convenient for you. Once you pass the certification exam, you will be ready to start practicing law so that you can be a Certified Public Accountant!